"Christopher Brooks, Owner at Three Dot Solutions, LLC. keeps my computers humming and my network working for me, not against me...

Welcome to Three Dot Solutions LLC

ThreeDotSolutions provides consulting services to Residential and Small Business customers in the greater Los Angeles area.
Our staff and partners have broad based experiences that cover network support and installation, spyware/virus prevention and removal, operating system support (apple and windows), Microsoft Office, web development, e-commerce, and BackOffice application suites.
You may contact ThreeDotSolutions via phone, e-mail, postal mail, or by using our information request form. We will contact you within one business day.

At 3DotSolutions we offer a complete set of computer services from virus removal on your home computer to setting up a network in your office and managing all your software requirements.

Let our experts provide your home or business a personalized assessment tailored to your computing needs and make an appropriate recommendation for your requirements

We even manage your vendors and software licenses so you don’t have to.

Setting up a home office? Expanding your business? Let us help.

3DotSolutions is your perfect solution if you are doing any of the following:

  • Setting up a new office
  • Managing an existing office
  • Upgrading or expanding your existing office
  • Setting up a home office
  • Setting up the kids with their own environment (so you can get your computer back!)

No matter what business you are in, 3DotSolutions can set you up for point of sale, back office support, e-commerce, web development, shared network resources or general office applications.

Our experts will assess your requirements and make you recommendations based on your needs.

We want to grow with your business. If your business is expanding or if you are moving to new premises, we will assess your computer requirements and recommend a total solution that will fit your budget and your needs. We offer flat rate fees for ongoing small business support.

What we do

  • Complete Networking Solutions that meet your business needs
  • Windows Operating systems and 3rd party software upgrades
  • Software license management and vendor management
  • Microsoft Office
  • Spyware/virus detection, removal and prevention
  • Web Development, Back Office Solutions, E-Commerce, Productivity Software
  • Remote monitoring and remote access services
  • Business continuity, data management and backup services
  • Email and Messaging Services
  • Microsoft Terminal Server Applications Deployment
  • Microsoft SQL Server Application support